Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Pig and A Cowboy

Here are a few fun orders I wanted to share with you.

This was a custom hat with a Toy Story applique. 

Here's the new and improved Piggy Hat.

I hope you like them! Have a great day!

The Move

Well, now that the Christmas rush is over, and we've finally settled into our new house in our new state I've started preparing myself for orders again. I even have my own little "office" in our new house! Some of you may have noticed that the higher in demand the hats become, the higher I have to raise prices to keep up. Well, this time of year is really slow compared to fall and winter, so take advantage of lower prices! Get some orders in for Halloween and Christmas so you're not worried about the orders getting in on time. Even after being told the shipped orders would make it in time for Christmas, I still had someone tell me their package was delayed and didn't receive it until a few days after. :(

So this year, I'm moving my "guaranteed by" dates up a little sooner, and I'll be adding an extra fee for rush orders. This should make it so everyone gets their orders on time!

So, you may be wondering....


Well, I'm seriously improving and expanding My Sweet Somethings in 2012! I will not only be offering custom orders as usual, but I'm working on PATTERNS and TUTORIALS so that those of you who love to crochet can start crocheting these things for yourself and your family! I'll be offering a few free tutorials, as well as more advanced tutorials available for purchase. Bear with me, as writing my patterns has proven to be a time consuming and trial-and-error process.

I will have the first pattern available by NEXT WEEK!

Stay tuned...

Spring is here! Order your 3-Strand headband HERE. :)