Monday, February 28, 2011

The Last Day of February.

I'm so happy March is here, because my BIRTHDAY is in March :)

Also it brings me one day closer to hopefully being with my husband again. (He's in Korea with the Army)

This weekend I was a vendor in a local boutique. The turn-out wasn't great, but I have a lot of new orders so lots of new things are coming! I can't wait to show you all of the fun orders I get to make. In the mean time, here is what I've been working on lately. I did mostly booties and socks for the boutique because there were two other ladies who had crochet booths and I wasn't allowed to bring the same items that they already had. Anyway, here are the latest projects!

 1. Crochet trimmed socks
 These are the colors that I have available. 
I'll do the trim around any sock you want to give me. 

2. Here is a look at some of the items 
featured at my booth at the boutique.

3. Booties... I went kinda crazy. 
Sorry some of the pictures are from my phone.
Sadly this ^^^ was one of the only shots I got of these 
cute little loafers. I'll be making more though.

 ^^^ Inspired by Crocs

^^^ Open toed sandals

 ^^^ Abominable baby feet! haha

^^^These were for a newborn. Sooo tiny!

^^^ Ballet Slippers, complete with elastic 
ready to be sewn to size.

4. Headwraps

 Okay so I have to admit, there was a girl at the boutique who was making head wraps similar to these. I saw them and I had to try and make my own. Although the idea came from looking at her cute head wraps, the head wrap itself, was made entirely "from scratch" so to speak. I saw the original, and I made a copycat version that I LOVE!!! I've been wanting to make these for a long time, so I'm happy I was finally able to see one in person and guess how it was made :)

Seriously... the pictures don't do them justice! 

If you would like something custom ordered please send your request to:

Visit the My Sweet Somethings Facebook page by clicking HERE

I set up an Etsy account not too long ago for existing items that have not yet sold. Click HERE to visit my Etsy Shop.

Thanks for visiting. I have a lot of fun items coming soon, and a LOT of orders to fill! Thank you so much for your support!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Congratulations to Loren and Kristen!

You are the lucky winner of the cute cowboy boots! Please email me with your choice of colors and what size you'll need them!

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