Thursday, May 26, 2011

Only 5 More Days!

That's right, folks! We only have 5 days left in the headband giveaway for May!
To enter:
Like our Facebook Page

Then tag My Sweet Somethings-Custom Crochet by typing @My Sweet Somethings-Custom Crochet into your status or post.

**DON'T FORGET that if you want to be included in the giveaway you must make the tagged post viewable by everyone! Go to the padlock beneath the post and click on the down arrow. Then make sure "Everyone" is selected.

You can tag and be entered up to 3 times each day, so go for it!
Good luck!

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David and Acacia said...

Hi ashly this is acacia your boutique buddy! Did you know I am bree Jhonsons sister ! yep I am a berntsen and I had know idea you have been talking to her. Bree has good advice i need her to help me with my esty it needs help well just wanted to say hi !!