Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pattern Tester

So, I was looking around at some other crochet websites and companies on facebook, and I ran into Thistles and Tulips Crochet. They were looking for someone to test out a pattern they had written and I volunteered and was chosen. The pattern was made for an infant, and I only had a 3 month old handy...(Thanks L.) So the hat didn't quite fit her in it's original pattern, but still cute! I especially love the colors. The skein is called "cotton candy" but it looks more like a pink lemonade to me ;)

I promised L. that she could keep the hat for her baby if she's let me use her as the model, so I had to make a few changes in order for it to work for this particular baby.

Here is the finished hat:

Of course I had to add a flower... it's what I do! 
To order a hat like this one in your choice of colors and size, send your request to:

Thanks again to Thistles and Tulips Crochet for letting me test out her original pattern! I'm hoping to get a picture of the original hat on a newborn sometime!

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